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Project: C.R.E.A.T.E.

Engaging Minds, Shaping Futures


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Project CREATE Can Service the community in many different forms:

Summer Camps (Paid Internship)

Paid Internships

Semester-long Classes (2-year)

After School Programs

Project CREATE 2021 Summer Camp is a paid youth-based communications internship that provides professional, character and confidence development.

We work with students with disabilities, at-risk youth and youth eager to challenge themselves through media technology. Our interns develop skills in the following disciplines: video production, photography, graphic arts, marketing and public relations.

Project C.R.E.A.T.E. blends theory and application while allowing students to grow and be challenged creatively. Industry professionals not only serve as instructors but also as mentors to aid in their journey.


Overall student development is key in Project CREATE. We encourage development in communication, writing, photography, and other media related skills.

Participants in the camp will work on community-based projects that can be used within their school district. Campers will create products at industry-standard with state-of-the-art equipment. They will engage, daily, with industry professionals who will serve as instructors and mentors to aid in their creative journey.

Summer Camp Starts June 2021. Register today!

We have a limited number of competitive slots for each Camp.

You must REGISTER for the Project CREATE Summer Camp in the city nearest your home/school. Each camp lasts two weeks and is from 8 am until 5pm Monday thru Friday. Parents, your child MUST have daily transportation to attend. An interview process will be conducted between April and May to help finalize the list of campers for each date/location.