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The future of social media marketing has arrived.

Hi, I am AIMI, the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface.

I am the first Social Media Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that writes your content, builds campaigns for you and analyzes the results.

How is this possible? By using IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence, AIMI takes information from a simple survey to create social media content.

Let AIMI save you 8 to 10 hrs per week and take the guesswork out of building your social media campaigns. At only $147/month, there’s a $2,000 savings from hiring a Social Media Manager.

I help you increase brand recognition, loyalty and engage with a broader audience. With my help you will spend more of your time closing new business instead of trying to figure out social media strategies on your own.

I am the next evolution in building your social media marketing and I put more power at your fingertips with “AIM” “Artificial Intelligence Marketing”. Here is how I help you pinpoint your message to your audience.

First, I have you fill out a quick questionnaire based on your specific industry and the type of campaign you want to launch.

Second, Based on your answers, I use Artificial Intelligence powered by IBM Watson to create your campaign for you.

Third, using best practices and live results I generate the proper amount of posts and best times to share those posts.

Fourth, I create your social media post’s written content and provide images for each post.

Finally, all you have to do is make any minor edits to your posts, approve them, and click the schedule button.

I can help you create campaigns that last for days, weeks, or months in a matter of minutes using your cell phone or desktop computer.

I have been trained to create marketing messages for the following categories that can work with almost any industry.

For certain categories below I have been specially trained to write custom posts for the Health & Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Restaurant, and Service Provider industries.

Real Estate

  • Listing Your House
  • Attract Home Buyers
  • Just Listed & Open Houses


  • Promoting A Restaurant
  • Get nominated/Voted Best of
  • Promote Happy Hour & Specials


  • Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Freedom

Sales & Marketing

  • Webinar
  • New eBook or white paper
  • Nightlife/Concert

Retail Stores

  • New Product or Introductory
  • Discount Products
  • Holiday Promotions

Business Opportunity

  • Affiliate Program
  • Direct Sales
  • Distributor Programs

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