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Opportunity Now Summer Internship Starts June 2021.

STEP 1: All Students MUST have your Recommendation to Participate.

Student Information

  • Instructor Information



STEP 2: Video Audition Submission

Please instruct parent(s)/student(s) with instructions for applicants to upload a 30-60 second interest video submission.

COMPETITIVE PROCESS: This is paid internship, so we have a limited number of competitive slots for each location. Applying does not guarantee selection. So, put together your best one-minute video and tell us two things:
1. How will Opportunity Now help you achieve your dreams and goals?
2. Why do you want to participate in our Summer Internship?

STEP 3: May 10 – 14

Project CREATE staff contacts parents to confirm student interest, availability to attend, and permission to be interviewed. Project CREATE staff will reconfirm updated roster for the interview process and work with area Opportunity Now teams to set up student interviews that work for your school schedules. Students MUST have daily transportation to participate in this internship. Student MUST select site located within your school district.

STEP 4: May 17 – 21

Project CREATE staff will work with area Opportunity Now teams to schedule and conduct virtual interviews while students are in class (preferably).

STEP 5: May Deadline

Give per Area Student intern selections notifications sent to students, parents, and Opportunity Now area teams via email and follow-up phone calls. Employee Orientation Packets will be sent to Opportunity Now area teams via email for download, distribution, and assisted completion with students. They are to be uploaded into a designated DropBox folder which will be given to each Opportunity Now area team. Orientation packet will include official job application, required state/federal forms, policies and release forms.

STEP 6: May 26

All forms will be reviewed and direct notification will be given to your team if anything is missing or incomplete.

STEP 7: May 28

Opportunity Now area teams will be given a list of any needed equipment or supplies which we may need for your area team to pick up and have on site for us. Any items purchased will be charged to Opportunity Now Youth Services (not any individual).

STEP 8: Internship Dates

2021 Project CREATE Summer Internship Cohorts will begin on the stated dates and will operate from 9am – 5pm (Louisiana) and 9 am – 4pm (Texas) Monday thru Friday. The final day of each Cohort will be for wrap-ups and presentations of the final projects – at a scheduled time.