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The economic impact of art & design exceeds that of sports worldwide


Creative jobs have grown from 10% of the economy

Jobs for creatives are expected to increase 789,700+ by 2024


3.34 million Americans work in arts and communications

We’re excited to offer a youth-based summer camp that builds student character, competence, and confidence through Graphic Design & Video Production. A strong interest in Visual Communication is a MUST!

During this week, our instructors will help students learn valuable skills utilized in the Multimedia Industry. They will work with state-of-the-art equipment, software, and their smart phones during a journey to create a final video or graphic design project with their peers.

In today’s world, technology allows us to be more connected than ever! When you think about it, technology has been integrated into every aspect of our lives from the way we interact with each other to the way that we express our creativity.

Project CREATE is a fun and hands-on learning experience that informs young minds about the modern tools that professionals use to create some of the most amazing and influential works of art and design around today. We teach our students how to express themselves using media technology.

Our program is all about students, helping them unlock what they already have inside of them. To break them out of their shell and teach them how to come up, and develop their own creative ideas. Be prepared to be amazed!

New Generation Education

With an emerging “gig economy”, our students have the potential of developing real-world skills at a young age. Skills that will afford them the ability to reimagine their educational outlook. Students with a passion to create compelling media are exposed to monetizable skills, earning them the ability to pay for higher education.

Overall student development is key in Project CREATE. They will be guided by industry professionals who will serve as instructors and mentors to aid in their creative journey. We encourage development in communication, writing, photography, and other media related skills. They’ll learn to create products at industry-standard with state-of-the-art equipment. 

Summer Sessions

SESSION 1: June 21 to June 25

SESSION 2: June 28 to July 2

Two Camp timeslots:

  • Video Production
    – 8a – 12p, Monday – Friday
  • Graphic Design
    – 1p – 5p, Monday – Friday

Camp Tuition

  • $199 Tuition AM or PM
  • $375 Tuition AM & PM
  • Both include a T-shirts & 64GB USB drive
    Additional shirts available for purchase

Our Camper’s Goal


Campers with an interest in the arts or visual communications will value this investment. This camp could change the life of someone searching for inspiration to find a way to harness their interests and excel.

Project CREATE campers will gain the confidence and skills to continue creating. Some will embark on a path that could lead to a fun & fulfilling career.

Student Information

  • Parent/Guardian Information



Project CREATE Can Service the community in many different forms:

Summer Camps

Paid Internships

Semester-long Classes (2-year)

After School Programs