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Welcome to the Interview Process!

Congratulations on taking the first step to
securing your spot in our Summer Internship!

We’re reviewing all applications to determine who’s going to be within the ranks. Project CREATE staff will contact parentsto confirm your interest and availability to participate. Remember, you WILL be responsible for attending everyday!

STEP 1: Video Audition Submission

This is paid internship, so we have a LIMITED number of COMPETITIVE slots for us to SELECT at each location. Applying does not guarantee selection! So, put together your best 1-minute video and tell us two things:

  1. How do you feel Opportunity Now will help you reach your goals and dreams in life?
  2. Why should you be selected to participate in the Project CREATE internship?

Video guidelines:

  1. You are to be recorded with the camera being held horizontally (widescreen)
  2. Students are encouraged to be as creative as they want to be
  3. We ask that you speak loud, clear, and with confidence
  4. Dress Appropriately and Treat this as a Job Interview
  5. No cursing or inappropriate language, music or images
  6. Introduce yourself and include Name, School, Grade, # Years as an Opportunity Now student
  7. Most importantly, have fun! Don’t feel rushed if you run longer.


STEP 2: Once your video is ready, upload your video to us.

Click the button below to submit to your specific region. Ask your Instructor should you need help.

STEP 3: Interviews

Project CREATE staff will conduct virtual interviews, from May 17 – 21, while candidate/students are in class. On May 26, Student Intern selection notifications will be sent via email to students. Follow-up phone calls will be made to verify the finalized roster.

STEP 4: Paperwork

Next, students will have to download and fill out our Orientation Packet, with the assistance of Opportunity Now Instructors or parents. Once completed, please email to hello@perxuade.com before May 21, 2021.


STEP 5: Onboarding

2021 Project CREATE Summer Internship begin on stated dates and will operate from 9am – 5pm, Monday thru Friday. The final day of internship will be for wrap-up and presentations of the final projects at a scheduled time. We look forward to seeing and working with you soon!